How to Move a Sleep Number Bed Across the Room?

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How to Move a Sleep Number Bed Across the Room?

Moving a Sleep Number bed can be more complicated than moving a traditional bed because it requires disassembly and special attention to packing and storing. If not done correctly, there is a risk of voiding the bed’s warranty. To move a Sleep Number bed across the room, you need to follow specific steps to disassemble the mattress and base. This section will provide a detailed guide on how to deflate the mattress, disassemble the base, and pack the components for a smooth and successful move.

Disassembling the Sleep Number Mattress

To move a Sleep Number bed, the first step is to deflate the mattress. Using the hand-held controller, follow the instructions provided in the manual to deflate the mattress completely. Once the mattress is deflated, you can proceed to disassembling it.

Start by unzipping the mattress cover and disconnecting the hoses from the connectors. Take care to release any remaining air pressure from the hoses before disconnecting them. Next, remove all internal components such as foam sidewalls and corner locks. These components should be packed securely to prevent any damage during the move.

The Sleep Number pump, which controls the inflation and deflation of the mattress, should also be handled with care. Ensure that it is unplugged and packed separately from the mattress. Use a sturdy box and appropriate cushioning materials to ensure its protection during transportation.

Finally, pack the deflated mattress in a mattress bag or heavy-duty storage containers. This will provide additional protection against dirt, dust, and moisture during the move. Remember to label the packaging clearly to identify it as the Sleep Number mattress for easier unpacking and reassembly.

Table: Components of the Sleep Number Mattress

Component Packing Instructions
Foam Sidewalls Pack securely to prevent damage
Corner Locks Pack securely to prevent damage
Hoses Disconnect and release air pressure before packing
Pump Unplug and pack separately with appropriate cushioning materials
Mattress Deflate completely and pack in a mattress bag or heavy-duty storage container

Disassembling the Sleep Number Base

Moving a Sleep Number bed requires careful disassembly of the base to ensure a smooth relocation. The disassembly process varies depending on the type of base you have. If you have a modular base, the disassembly is relatively straightforward. Start by pushing the decking panels to the side, then remove the pins that hold the side rails together. Next, unscrew the wing nuts of the bed legs. Remember to pack each base component securely to prevent any damage during transit.

For those with a FlexFit base, the disassembly process may be a bit more involved. Begin by removing the mattress retainers and sliding out the decking panels. Take care when unplugging the control system, ensuring that all connections are safely detached. To separate the individually adjustable bases, follow the manufacturer’s instructions specific to your model. It is important to carefully pack all components to safeguard them during the move.

Properly disassembling the Sleep Number base is crucial to protect its integrity and ensure trouble-free reassembly at your new location. By following the appropriate disassembly steps for your base type, you can confidently relocate your Sleep Number bed without any issues.

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