As a house owner, there are some investments that you need to make. One such decision is to invest in a right air mattress as it works as an alternative for a spare bed for guests and even works as a great piece of equipment for comforting sleep while on a camping trip.

When not in use, the air mattress can be deflated, which makes it convenient to store it and transport too. This makes it a favored option for a traveling trip and for creating extra bedding for the guests. To fulfill all your needs of an air mattress, you need to pick a high-in-class airbed and SleepLux Twin 15″ Raised Inflatable Airbed with Built-In AC Pump is one such option.

This SleepLux 15 inches tall air mattress is a perfect combination of strength, durability, as well as comfort. It offers the user refreshing night sleep and also provides the convenience of quick inflation and deflation using the in-built pump.

SleepLux Twin Raised Inflatable Airbed Review

The user can enjoy a comforting sleeping experience on the soft surface of the mattress, and the Tritech material sturdy construction ensures a great night’s sleep. With minimum air loss, the mattress maintains the firmness level all night long and its compact size makes it easier to store it and carry it around. Let’s discuss its amazing features in detail.

Features Of SleepLux Twin 15″ Raised Inflatable Airbed

Superior Support

You must have heard several people complaining about sore back or backache after sleeping on an air mattress. Well, this is not the case with SleepLux Twin air mattress as it is equipped with I-Beam technology, which keeps the airbed in form and maintains its firmness. The beams ensure that your body gets proper support while sleeping, and you do not experience any back problem.

High-Quality Construction

Good quality construction improves the durability of the mattress. There is the usage of Tritech material construction in the mattress, which involves the use of solid polyester mesh core combined between dual layers of PVC.

This increases the strength of the airbed to withstand any stress, weight, as well as movement while sleeping. Not only this, but the Tritech internal beams also keeps the mattress in form and minimizes the loss of air by retaining 10 percent more internal pressure.

Comfortable SleepĀ 

For providing comfort like a traditional mattress, the SleepLux mattress comes with the soft velvety top. So, whether you are putting on a bedsheet over the mattress or not, you’ll be having a comfortable sleep on the flocked surface. There is an in-built pillow too for added comfort, so you don’t have to carry a pillow with you.

The problem of mattress slipping while you sleep is also taken care of by the company as it has incorporated a non-slip bottom to prevent any unnecessary slipping and skidding.

In-Built Pump And Charging Port

There is no need to put effort to inflate the air mattress as the SleepLux mattress comes with an in-built pump which quickly inflates and deflates the airbed with a single push of a button. There is a compartment to store the pump cable too so that you don’t misplace the cable and find it in place.

For providing more convenience, there is a built-in USB charging port to charge your phone and other electronics. So, you don’t have to struggle to find an electric socket for charging your phone as you can charge it while resting on the mattress.

Accompanied Contents

In addition to the in-built air pump, charging port, and pillow, the air mattress contents include a storage bag too, which provides the convenience of storing the mattress when not in use. Sometimes, the mattress accidentally gets punctured, and to handle such a situation; the company has given one repair patch with the airbed. There is a warranty of 1 year offered by the company to provide support to the customer in case of any defect.

  • Tritech construction for increased durability and support.
  • Soft flocked top along with a built-in pillow for comfort.
  • Non-slip bottom for added convenience.
  • Quick inflation and deflation through the built-in pump.
  • In-built USB charging port for secure charging phones.
  • Users are facing a minor leak problem

Customers Viewpoint

Several 5-star reviews about the product show the satisfaction of the customers. One of the customers was delighted with the in-built pump as it becomes easier for him to inflate the mattress and eliminate the struggle of using a hand-held pump.

A lot of users were pleased with USB charging port convenience as they can rest while charging the phone. Another customer appreciated the product by saying that this is the most comfortable air mattress and is easy to set up too. A highly recommended quality product is the comment of another satisfied user.

Some customers even faced some leaking problems. One customer faced a deflation problem in the middle of the night. Another one was disappointed by the puncture in the mattress after the second use. Some customers even complained about the missing patch kit with the product.

Buying Advice

SleepLux Twin Raised Inflatable Airbed Review

If you want to buy the SleepLux Twin 15″ Raised Inflatable Airbed with Built-In AC Pump at a reasonable price, then you can visit Amazon and pick it at $43.01. You can check the different discount deals offered by various sellers and buy from the one who gives you the best deal. There are twin and queen size options available for this mattress so choose the size as per your need.

Final Words

When it comes to a durable, high-quality air mattress at a budget-friendly price, then nothing can match SleepLux Twin 15″ Raised Inflatable Airbed with Built-In AC Pump. The Tritech internal beam construction is the most attractive feature of this mattress, which improves its strength and support.

Convenience is taken care of by incorporating an in-built pump for quick inflation and deflation. For comfortable and dreamy sleep, there is a flocked top surface along with an internal soft pillow. The in-built charging port is the cherry on the top.