Are you looking for something that can add extra sleeping space for your guests? Do you want a comfortable sleeping solution for your camping trip? Well, think no more as a right air mattress is a simple answer to your questions. An air mattress is the best option for a temporary sleeping space.

Just inflate the airbed to the desired firmness level and enjoy a comfortable goodnight sleep. But, there are a lot of air mattress options available in the market. Which one should you pick?

One of the most demanded and liked air mattress by people is the Sable Air Mattress Inflatable Elevated Built-in Pillow Bed.

This Sable Air Mattress is known for its ultimate relaxing experience. The PVC built airbed is a durable product that has got an integrated raised pillow design and an I-Beam coil construction for excellent body support. The comfort is taken care of with the soft flocked top over PVC.

The airbed comes with an in-built electric air pump that inflates and deflates the mattress in minutes. Let’s take a look at the features which make this airbed an ideal sleeping companion.

Sable Air Mattress Inflatable Bed Review

What Are the Feature Which Makes Sable Air Mattress A Perfect Sleeping Solution?

Durable Construction

Sable has never compromised with its built quality. Durable construction is what makes Sable Air Mattress stand apart from its competitors.

The airbed is manufactured from good high-quality PVC material makes the air bed long-lasting. The durable PVC even makes the bed puncture resistant. The seamless welding adds to the strength of the airbed and also extends its life span as it prevents the air from leaking.

Ultimate Support  

A regular air mattress feels impressive and gives you relaxation after a long tiring day. You can now experience the same level of comfort using the Sable Air Mattress. The airbed flaunts the latest I-Beam air coils that provide ultimate support to your body posture and spine.

When you lie down on the mattress, the coils adjust as per the shape of your body and by your weight, which ensures an unprecedented sleeping experience. There is no need for a pillow to sleep as the airbed has got an integrated pillow design, which provides the needed support to your head as well as neck.


To provide comfort just like a regular mattress, the Sable Air Mattress comes with a soft flocked top, which is 0.6 mm thick. The flocked surface is friendly to your skin and is waterproof too. The combination of PVC with a waterproof gathered top makes this air mattress not only good for in-home use but also an excellent option for exterior use like camping.


To reduce the manual effort of inflating and deflating the air mattress, the company equips the airbed with an inbuilt electric air pump, which is powerful enough to inflate or deflate the airbed quickly in around 3 to 5 minutes. When you deflate the mattress, it becomes easier to fold it compactly, which makes it convenient to transport or store it.

  • Thick PVC makes the airbed puncture-resistant, strong, and durable.
  • The built-in air pump makes it convenient to inflate and deflate the mattress in a few minutes.
  • Built-in raised pillow for nice head and neck support.
  • I-Beam coils for great spinal support.
  • Soft flocked top is comforting.
  • The airbed is a little bit noisy when inflated.
  • Repairing the mattress is difficult when it gets damaged.

What Customers Have To Say?

The customers seem satisfied with the Sable Air Mattress as there are several positive reviews about the product.

One customer found the mattress convenient and appreciated the AC built-in pump as all he has to do to plug it in, and the mattress self inflates.

Another one said that he doesn’t have to put on a bedsheet over the mattress because it already comes with a comforting lush suede top. There was a customer who liked the integrated pillow design and was even happy with the size of the airbed as it can fit in 2 people easily.

One customer said that this mattress is better than any other air mattress and is worth the price.

There are some critical reviews also.One of which says that there was a problem in putting on a bedsheet as it doesn’t fit in, which is not a major issue. Some people experienced leakage issues after some days of use.

Another one complained about the failure of internal coils as the mattress deformed. The piece was later on replaced by the company. Loose seam complaint was also there by one of the customers.

Buying Advice

Sable Air Mattress Inflatable Bed Review

The best place to buy an authentic Sable Air Mattress Inflatable Elevated Built-in Pillow Bed is Amazon, where you can get it at an affordable price of around $70.29.

Choose a seller who offers the best discount and who is near to your delivery location so that you have to pay fewer delivery charges. This Sable Air Mattress is a good pick as the company provides a quality commitment of 12 months, which even be extended to 30 months by doing the registration of the product.

Final Words 

If you are looking for a nice and comforting air mattress at an affordable price, which has got all the necessary features to offer you a soothing sleep, then Sable Air Mattress Inflatable Elevated Built-in Pillow Bed is a good option to choose. The airbed has all the necessary features that an ideal air mattress must possess.

It is durable because of PVC material usage. The I-Beam coil construction makes it an amazing sleeping solution as it provides support to your body posture, just like a regular mattress. The soft flocked top, along with the in-built pillow design adds to the comfort level. The built-in electric pump assists in quick inflation and deflation of airbed. All in all, the Sable Air Mattress is a perfect example of an excellent airbed.