A majority of people don’t spend much time deliberating their options when purchasing a mattress. However, this can be an issue because you spend a third of your life sleeping. A comfortable mattress is necessary to ensure good quality of sleep.

An air mattress can be the perfect choice in this regard. As the name suggests, air mattresses are inflatable. All you need to make the air mattress work is plug it in and allow it to inflate. Modern air mattresses are self-inflatable, further adding to the convenience you enjoy.

The great thing about these mattresses is that they can serve any purpose. You can place one in your master bedroom, or buy one for your kids. Air mattresses also make a great option for your guest room.


Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Review

Source: amazon.com

The mattress will give you the feeling that you are sleeping on air, which you will not get with a conventional mattress. The low price tag means that you can buy a spare mattress for your home and skip sleeping on the couch, which can be uncomfortable. The only catch is that you have to do some research.

In fact, there are many brands offering air mattresses on the market. Your best option is to buy from a brand that is popular and reliable. Lazery Sleep is a great option for you, and the Queen-size Air Mattress they offer is a comfortable and durable product.

Here is a look at the top features of this air mattress:

Heavy-Duty Design

This air mattress is a heavy-duty product. It will offer the support and comfort of a conventional bed. The mattress has a double-height design, which provides the ideal height for sleeping comfortably, i.e., 19″ from the ground.


The mattress will inflate on its own. You simply have to plug it in to initiate the process. You get an LED remote to start inflation. The entire process will take no longer than 4 minutes. Plus, an auto-shutoff feature ensures the inflation stops when the mattress is fully inflated or deflated. The electric pump motor is quieter than other models on the market.

Easy Storage and Portability

This air mattress is highly portable because you can deflate and carry it around with ease. Storage is easy, as you can simply fold the mattress and stash it in a corner. The mattress will inflate and deflate by itself, as long as you keep it plugged into an outlet. The mattress comes in a bag, which you can use for carrying it from place to place.

Air Coils

Lazery Sleep incorporates up to 40 air coils in the mattress, which ensures even weight distribution. The mattress can support up to 500 lbs. Moreover, it is leak-proof, so you can rest assured it will stay inflated throughout the night.

Adjustable Firmness

You can adjust the firmness of your air mattress according to your comfort level and requirements. You can use the LED remote for this purpose. There are seven firmness settings, which ensure you can find the right level of firmness for your needs. This feature makes this product a great purchase for people dealing with aches and pains, especially chronic back pain.

One-Year Guarantee

Lazery Sleep offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee for this mattress. You can make a risk-free purchase, as you have the option of using it for up to a year. You may return the mattress if you are not happy with its performance.

  • Adjustable firmness
  • Four mattress sizes
  • 19” height off the ground
  • 40 air coils
  • Self-inflatable design
  • Portable
  • Easy to store
  • Sides are thinner than other models

What Others Are Saying

A majority of customers who purchased this product on Amazon are happy with its performance. A customer wrote that the height of the mattress is ideal for sleeping comfortably. He further states that the built-in electric pump is a unique feature that you won’t find in other models. The mattress inflates and deflates within a couple of minutes.

Another customer wrote that he purchased this mattress for his guest bedroom and all the guests who stayed at his house are happy with the mattress. He praises the sturdiness of the mattress and also states that it is easy to inflate, deflate and store.

A customer wrote that he uses this mattress as the main mattress and it works great. He does state that other reviews mention that there is a risk of leakage, but he doesn’t face that issue. A customer gave this product a positive review, and then followed up with an additional paragraph eight months later.

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Review

Source: amazon.com

He states that the mattress continues to perform well, offering optimal firmness without any air loss. He does mention that you might have to inflate it a bit on a monthly basis.

On the flip side, a few customers did not have a positive experience with this mattress. A customer wrote that the mattress worked fine initially. He was able to inflate it without hassle, but for some reason, the mattress won’t deflate. A customer complained about the design and construction of the mattress, stating that it popped in no time and that the sides are thin.

Buying Advice

You can conveniently purchase the Queen-Size Air Mattress from Lazery Sleep on Amazon. The mattress is available for around $120. You can also opt for the Twin-Size model, which is available for $170. Browse through multiple sellers so you can benefit from free shipping and deals and discounts. Keep in mind that the actual retail price of the queen-size mattress is around $170, which means you save around $50 by buying it from Amazon.


Overall, this air mattress is one of the best models on the market. There are no major drawbacks, and the price is great. Therefore, you should consider purchasing it.