Do you want some extra sleeping area for guests? Are you looking for a temporary sleeping solution? Then, a twin air mattress can be one of the best sleeping solutions to consider.

The good thing about a twin air mattress is that it is compact and does not take up too much area allowing you to use it in any space. When it comes to a temporary sleeping arrangement, then it can be comfortable as well as a supportive product.

So, if you are going to consider a twin airbed, then EZ INFLATE Double High Luxury Twin Air Mattress could be the best option available in the market.

The EZ Inflate is a leading name in the air mattress industry and is known for its high in class twin air mattresses. This double high luxury airbed from EZ Inflate is built from PVC material, which makes the mattress puncture-resistant as well as durable.

It is a thick mattress that does not take up much space and can accommodate weight up to 300 lbs. The airbed features a soft-top that is flocked and has got round edges. The coil beam construction of the air mattress provides stability and support.

Let’s talk about its features in detail.

EZ INFLATE Double High Luxury Twin Air Mattress Review

What Features Makes This EZ Inflate Airbed A Premium Air Mattress?

Puncture Resistant

The most common problem with an air mattress is that it is highly prone to punctures. To solve this problem, the company has designed this double high luxury twin air mattress with puncture-resistant PVC material. Using such material not only prevents leaks but also makes the airbed durable and robust for long term use.


Most of the people have the thinking that air mattresses are uncomfortable to sleep and are not suitable for body posture. But, airbed being not comfortable is thinking of the past as this airbed of EZ Inflate has coil beam construction, which provides stability to the bed and provides the necessary support to the spine while sleeping. The user gets the same comfortable feeling as if he is sleeping on a regular mattress.


To provide a comforting sleeping experience, the air mattress features a soft flocked top. Flocked top even ensures that the bedsheet remains in place while you sleep and doesn’t slip.

The measurement shown is the edge to edge measurement of the flocked top and not of the round corners of the airbed. This means you’ll get more sleeping space than the usual twin air mattress.


The in-built air pump is what makes this airbed convenient to use. The pump is of high capacity, which has the capability to inflate the air mattress in just 90 seconds.

You can adjust the firmness of the air mattress, as per your need, by filling in or removing the air using the inflate/deflate valve.

It is advisable to inflate the airbed fully for 24 hours before first use. This will allow the PVC material to stretch appropriately and make the mattress good for use.

The surface measures 76 inches x 38 inches, and the mattress has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, which is sufficient to accommodate children and even an adult. 

  • It offers a broader sleeping area in comparison to other air mattresses.
  • Better stability and support due to air beam construction.
  • More durable due to the use of puncture resistant-PVC material.
  • Firmness is customizable, as per need, using the inflate/ deflate valve of the air pump.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty.
  • The air mattress is not of ideal length for tall people.
  • It is a bit heavier than other air mattresses.

What Customers Think About The Product?

The EZ INFLATE Double High Luxury Twin Air Mattress has got a lot of positive reviews and 5-star ratings from the customers. Most of the users found the airbed comforting.

One of the customers appreciated the powerful air pump as the air mattresses inflated quickly.

Another one was amazed to see that the airbed didn’t puncture even after his kitty jumped on it a couple of times. The sturdiness of the airbed was appreciated by one of the customers. As far as the size is concerned, in the review written by a user, he said that the twin mattress could easily fit in one adult.

One user gave an excellent review of the airbed because it held up the air pretty well. The user was able to comfortably sleep on the mattress for 3 nights in a row without any need to inflate the bed again.

Some leaking issues were faced by some of the customers. One said that the airbed started leaking after using it just twice.

The deflation problem was seen majorly as most of the customers reported the same problem. According to users, the mattress was unable to hold air for much time, and half of the air deflates within one night of use.

There were some complaints about vinyl odor too.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for the best deal on EZ INFLATE Double High Luxury Twin Air Mattress, then you can get it on Amazon for $65.95. Just scroll through various sellers and pick the one who is giving you a maximum discount.

It is an excellent pick as the company is giving 2 years of manufacturer warranty along with customer service assistance. Whenever you face any problem with the mattress, help is just a call away. 


EZ INFLATE Double High Luxury Twin Air Mattress Review

Overall, EZ INFLATE Double High Luxury Twin Air Mattress is a right air mattress that provides you with all the necessary features to assure you a good night’s sleep.

The top of the bed is softly flocked to offer you comfort. Coil beam construction keeps the airbed in shape even after years of use.

Puncture-resistant PVC material makes the mattress durable. A high capacity air pump adds to the convenience level while inflating and deflating the air.

The 2-year warranty and customer support are cherries on the top, making this bed an excellent pick.