When you are one of those people who like to go camping a lot or most of the time your guests stay over, then air mattress is the thing that comes in handy.

An airbed gives you the convenience to inflate quickly and is compact. Nowadays, air mattresses come in heights similar to that of a standard bed and provide almost the same comfort as the regular mattress.

Hence, when you are looking forward to buying a right air mattress, you should consider the Englander First-Ever Microfiber California King Air Mattress.

This Englander mattress has got the full microfiber flocked exterior, which is not available in any other brand in the market. The mattress is durable, and its welded seams give it strength.

The mattress is comfortable in sleeping and is light in weight too. It becomes compact when folded and provides convenience when traveling around.

The in-built air pump takes less than 2 minutes to fill in the mattress. This airbed comprises a whole lot of features, so let’s take a look at them.

Englander First-Ever Microfiber California King Air Mattress Review

What Englander Microfiber California King Air Mattress Has Got?

The First Fully Microfiber Flocked Air Mattress

There are a lot of air mattresses available in the market, but no mattress other than this one has got the exterior, which is fully microfiber.

This Englander microfiber airbed comes with a soft and silky flocking, which provides comfortable sleeping experience and also creates an outer shell that is strong as well as durable. Such a construction makes the airbed, in comparison to other airbeds, 20 percent more puncture-resistant, 20 percent extra scratch-resistant, and boasts 30 percent better tensile strength.

In addition to this, to make your sleeping experience even better, microfiber has a thermo-regulating capability, which means that the air mattress will maintain the temperature, and it will not feel too overheated or too chilly.

High-End Quality

We all know the length of a standard king size mattress, but the king-size offered by Englander mattress is 4 inches wider than the normal one.

No compromise has been made with the quality of the product as the seams are correctly welded, which provides the needed strength to the airbed.

As far as the weight is concerned, this air mattress weight just 12.8 lbs. Which is very light in comparison to other air mattresses.

The in-built air pump delivers a high output (120V/ 210W), which results in quick inflation and deflation of the mattress. It only takes 90 seconds to fill the airbed.

Gives Feeling Of A Regular Mattress

When it comes to a perfect combination of comfort and reliable support, then this microfiber California king air mattress is unbeatable. The mattress is so sturdy, soft, and comfortable that you will feel like you are sleeping in a regular mattress and not on a blow-up bed. Whether you put on a bedsheet over the bed or not, the microfiber flocking will provide you a flexible sleeping space. The right height of the air mattress offers convenience to the user as it becomes easier to get in and out of bed.

Always Remains In Shape

Built with high-quality material, the Englander air mattress is fortified with coil beam construction, which enables the mattress to hold pressure and remain in shape after years of use.

With time, most of the airbeds deform, but this one can easily face the test of time and has got enough durability for everyday use. The microfiber is waterproof, which makes the airbed maintenance much more comfortable.

  • Fully microfiber flocked air mattress.
  • 4 inches wider than any other king size mattress.
  • Coil beam construction for better support.
  • Light in weight.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • A little bit high on price.

Customers Point Of View

We can see a lot of positive reviews about this Englander airbed. One customer said that while scrolling through the list of various air mattress on Amazon, this one got her attention because it was written that it is the first-ever microfiber air. It felt perfect and comfortable after using it.

Another one was happy with the quality of the product as his previous airbed had plastic sides. Still, full microfiber exterior in this one made this bed more comfortable and durable.

One customer was pleased with its comfort as if he was sleeping on a regular mattress. The air mattress inflates in a snap, and doesn’t lose much air, said another satisfied customer.

Some customers faced issues relating to size as the wrong size was delivered to them. Some found the quality of the airbed unsatisfactory.

There were some defects in the airbed as the mattress was deflating very quickly, said one of the customers. There was another one who found the air mattress uncomfortable and incomparable to a regular bed.

A customer gave the airbed four-star because he experienced sound even on the slightest movement, which felt irritating. 

Buying Advice

The Englander First-Ever Microfiber California King Air Mattress can be purchased conveniently from Amazon for $129.44.

You can choose from the color options available and even take a look at different discounts offered by different sellers.

The company is providing 5 years warranty against any defect and is also offering a customer service facility which makes this airbed an excellent option to choose.


A little bit high on price.

 When it comes to a premium quality air mattress, then Englander First-Ever Microfiber California King Air Mattress is the first name that comes in mind.

The main attraction in this airbed is its microfiber flocked exterior, which provides a thermo-regulating facility and also makes the mattress more durable than any other air mattress.

The high capacity built-in pump is quick in working, and the mattress is light in weight too. The coil beam construction gives the needed support, and all these fantastic features make this air mattress an ideal choice to pick.