When you are looking for a mattress for a sleepover or a camping trip, then twin air mattress is one of the best choices.

The good thing about the twin mattress is that it is easy to inflate and deflate. You can easily pack it up and put it in your car trunk whenever you are going for a camping trip. It is a comfortable choice for short-term use whenever you have guests at your home.

Whenever it comes to an ideal twin mattress, then EnerPlex Premium Luxury Twin Size Air Mattress is a popular name in the market. It is a durable airbed that will never leak.

The thing which makes it leak proof is the durable PVC material. Adding to the luxury is its flocked water-resistant soft top. This compact airbed offers a comfortable sleeping experience and provides additional support and stability using the twin air coil beams.

Let’s take a look at its features, which makes it a top-quality twin air mattress.

EnerPlex Premium Luxury Twin Air Mattress Review

What Makes EnerPlex’s Twin Air Mattress Different?

Fastest And Most Powerful Air Pump

With the latest technology, the air pump of EnerPlex is highly powerful (120V/ 210W), which can quickly inflate the twin mattress in less than 90 seconds, making it the fastest built-in air pump in the market.

You have to plug-in the bed, draw the inflate valve out and turn on the knob of the pump. Deflating the mattress is also easy using the deflate valve of the pump.

There is a small compartment in the pump to store the cord so that you don’t misplace it and find it in place.

Never Leak Technology With Comfortable Top

The EnerPlex has put in all the efforts to make its airbed leak proof. The use of puncture-resistant PVC material and luxurious top with soft waterproof flocking makes the bed leak proof.

The flocked top will give you the feel and comfort of a premium inflatable mattress and will provide you the experience like you are sleeping in a real bed.

Coil Beam Technology With Anti Slip Bottom

The 13 inches high EnerPlex twin airbed comes with the proprietary coil beam construction. The good thing is that it makes the bed more comfortable because the coils are designed in such a way that it provides proper support to the spine and posture of the body.

The 13 inches raised-profile of the bed makes it convenient for the user to get in and out of it. You do not have to worry about the bed slipping on a wood or tile floor whenever you move on the bed. It is because the bed comes with an anti-slip bottom that keeps the mattress in place.

Additional Features 

If you are facing any problem with the air mattress or your airbed piece has come defective, then the company is offering 30 days money-back guarantee along with a warranty of 2 years and lifetime support.

Pros And Cons

  • Soft flocked top makes the airbed comfortable.
  • The durability of the mattress is taken care of by the puncture-proof PVC material.
  • The fast pump makes inflating and deflating the bed more comfortable.
  • Easy deflation and compact size folding make the bed portable.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty.
  • Size is too big to fit in a normal camping tent.

What Customers Think About This Air Mattress?

The EnerPlex Twin Size Air Mattress is one of those mattresses which don’t have many negative reviews. Most of the customers are satisfied and happy with the airbed. One of the customers seems very happy with its quick in-built air pump. Another one likes the airbed’s durability as it does not get damaged when used as a trampoline.

The soft blue flocked layer seems to be a nice touch, as said by one of the customers. Some of the users appreciated the airbed because once blown up, the air inside the mattress doesn’t lose much, and it lasted for a few days without any need to blow up the airbed again.

One customer seems pretty amazed because even after sleeping with his cat on the mattress, the claws didn’t rupture the bed.

Customers are saying that the company is selling what it means as the airbed took less than 2 minutes to inflate completely in most of the cases.

As far as the negative reviews are concerned, there is not much to say. One customer complained that the air mattress is not long-lasting, but that could be a result of a defective piece.

The customer got his bed replaced and appreciated the simple return policy. Another customer complained about the loose seams as it resulted in leakage and air loss.

Buying Advice

The EnerPlex Premium Luxury Twin Size Air Mattress can be purchased from Amazon at a price of approximately $54.58. There is an option for queen size also.

Different sellers are selling this product. You can go through the costs of different sellers and make the buying decision based on the discount given by the sellers and delivery charges that you have to pay.

The company is offering 2 years warranty with lifetime support, which means even if your warranty expires, you can take help from the customer service team in case you face any problem with the mattress.


EnerPlex Premium Luxury Twin Air Mattress Review

If you are searching for a right, long-lasting, and comfortable twin air mattress, then EnerPlex Premium Luxury Twin Size Air Mattress is the airbed that you are looking for.

Overall, this inflatable air mattress has all the necessary features that should be present in an ideal airbed. The in-built air pump is its most attractive feature as it is the fastest in the market capable enough to inflate the mattress in less than 2 minutes.

The coil beam construction supports the body posture, and a waterproof flocked top adds to the comfort level. The puncture-resistant PVC material is what makes the bed leak proof.