In the daily hassle of life, we keep on moving, and many times we can’t sleep in our bedroom.

Whether you are on vacations or a camping expedition or some sleepover with your friends, we need an excellent sleeping solution that can provide us a quality sleeping experience so that we can enjoy the quality time with our loved ones to the fullest.

In such a case, an excellent air mattress would be a good option for a comfy sleep, and if we are talking about an airbed, then nothing can match the quality of a Coleman Double-High Support Rest Air Bed.

This Coleman Air Mattress is known for its superior support because of its coil construction. The high double mattress is convenient for the user.

The airbed is pretty comfortable due to its stable support and soft, soothing feel of the velvety plush top. The airbed can handle 600 lbs. of weight very quickly and has got dual-sealed valves for preventing any leakages.

Let’s talk about the amazing specifications of this Coleman airbed in detail.

Coleman Double-High Support Rest Air Bed Review

Specs That Makes Coleman Double-High SupportRest Air Bed Stand Apart From The Crowd

1. Double High Mattress

The dimensions of this queen size Coleman Air Mattress is 78 inches x 60 inches x 18 inches. This means that this airbed comes with a pretty good height, which provides convenience to the user to climb in and out of the mattress. The problem with a low height air mattress is that the older people find it challenging to get in and out of bed due to the joint pain. But, this is not the case with this airbed as it has got 18 inches height and comes with a firm and correctly sturdy edge so that the user can comfortably sit on it and get in and out of bed.

2. Construction

You must have heard people saying that the air mattresses are not at all comforting, and sleeping on it can result in the back problem. Well, such issues are the things of the past as this Coleman Air Mattress comes with coil construction. The airbed has got internal coils that support the body posture and spine while you sleep. The coils adjust as per the size and shape of the body and give you a comforting sleeping experience without resulting in any back pain. For additional stability, the reinforced construction does its work. Such a structure makes sure that the airbed does not sag with time and maintains its shape making the airbed last for a more extended period.

3. Comfort

 The traditional air mattresses used to make noise as you move while sleeping. The bed even used to feel uncomfortable and doesn’t feel like a regular mattress, not even a bit. To resolve such issues, this Coleman Air Mattress comes with a flocked top, which is soft, comforting, and also holds the bedsheet in place while you sleep.

4. Durability

Coleman Double-High Support Rest Air Bed Review

In such a budget-friendly mattress, it is pretty amazing to see that durability has not been compromised. The air mattress is built with a high-quality thick PVC material, which assists in making the airbed puncture-resistant and suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The bed is even durable enough to carry 600 lbs. of weight quickly. As far as the leaking problem is concerned, that has been taken care of using the dual sealed valve, which holds the air pretty well and provides you with the right firmness level all-night long.

What Do Customers Think About The Product?

Maximums customers are happy with this Coleman Air Mattress and gave the product five-star reviews. A couple reviewed that they took the airbed to 3 camping trips with them, and no issues came up relating to the mattress, and it was comforting. Another happy customer appreciated by saying that the mattress once inflated hold up the air nicely, and it maintains the firmness level even after one week of use. A user was amazed to see such excellent features in an airbed at such a ridiculously low price. There was a customer who found the airbed convenient to pack and store because of its compact size after deflation.

There were some issues faced by a few customers. A customer said that it would be more convenient if the company has included a built-in pump with the product. Some customers have issues with the color of the mattress and no availability of any other color options. The difficulty in cleaning the velvety flocked top was another problem experienced by several customers.

  • Excellent support due to coil construction.
  • Comforting soft flocked top.
  • Durability is taken care of by the thick PVC material.
  • The dual-sealed valve makes sure that there is no air leakage.
  • Right product at a budget-friendly price.
  • The air pump is not internally built and is sold separately.
  • Different color options are not available.

Buying Advice

The Coleman Double-High SupportRest Air Bed is an excellent product whose authentic piece can be purchased from Amazon at an affordable price of $42.75. You are saving around $37.24, which is approximately 47% saving on the list price of $79.99. You have to push the buy button, fill in delivery location details, and the product will be shipped to your delivery address. You have to pay some delivery charges in addition to the original price of the product.

Final Verdict

The Coleman Double-High SupportRest Air Bed is an excellent choice to pick at a budget-friendly price. The mattress has got all the necessary specs that can provide a pleasant sleeping experience. The PVC material is finely durable and makes the airbed suitable for exterior use also. The double-sealed valve works well and holds up the air preventing leaks. The coil construction provides much-needed stability and support. The comforting soft top along with 600 lbs. of weight capacity makes the bed an ideal airbed choice.