Air mattresses are awesome! They are inflatable, adjustable and are perfect for accommodating a couple of extra guests. Moreover, the products are ideal for people suffering from chronic or acute back pain. Inflatable mattresses are pretty handy; they are easy to use and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Quality mattresses are designed using top notch industry-grade materials such as polyvinyl chloride. However, brands manufacture high-end air mattresses with reinforced textile-urethane. The material is quite strong and adds a lot of durability to the mattresses.

Textile-urethane mattresses are the ideal go-to products for avid campers. Plus, these products also give a more textured look, perfect for accommodating extra family members or guests.

In This Article You Will Learn About Air Mattresses…

Types Of Air Mattresses You Can Get Your Hands On

There are a handful of different types available on the market. However, nothing is more important than selecting a product that suits your specifications and requirements. In light of this, mentioned below is a list of some of the most popular types of inflatable mattresses that you should opt for:

Twin Size Air Mattress

When you talk about durability and cost-effectiveness, twin size mattresses are the best products you can buy. With the average price of these mattresses ranging from $40 to $90, they are quite comfortable and easy to use.

The SoundASleep air mattress, for example, comes with a variety of features such as 21 inbuilt coils. The coils help keep the bed durable and extra comfortable, providing your back and neck enhanced support.

Apart from that, these mattresses inflate quite quickly. A top notch product will inflate in about 3 minutes. You can rest assured your air bed will remain nice and flat. Twin inflatable mattresses extend to ‘double-height’ with solid chamber construction. The design prevents the mattress from slipping or skidding while you sleep.

Queen Size Mattress

Queen size air mattresses are bigger compared to a double or twin bed. These mattresses are designed with a 20-inch height, accommodating two people. The best products are designed using polyester fiber and can inflate quickly.

The Intex queen size air bed, for example, is designed to be waterproof. Plus, the product also comes with additional indentations on the mattress, which effectively prevents the bed sheets from slipping all the time.

On top of that, most queen size beds also come with additional storage in the form of duffel bags. You can easily store your beddings and linen, especially if you are going for a camping trip. Moreover, we advise that you go for an air mattress that comes with a built-in electrical air pump. All you have to do is press a button for automatic inflation or deflation – a pretty handy feature.

King Size Inflatable Mattresses

King size mattresses measure 76 inches and are bigger and wider than queen size air beds. These mattresses are perfect for accommodating more than one people.’s king size air beds, for example, are designed to be firm and raised to help keep your back and neck straight and comfortable.

Moreover, their mattresses also feature a top layer sheet, which isn’t just for sure. The top layer sheet acts as a thick layer between your body and the mattress; it almost feels like you are sleeping on air.

King size, inflatable mattresses come with temperature insulation as well, keeping you warm at night. However, these products are a bit expensive compared to the other two varieties mentioned.

The average king size air mattress can cost you somewhere from $120 to $200. So, it is important that you first evaluate your needs and specifications. But the product is ideal for accommodating a lot of guests. You can use the bed as a sofa – more than three people can easily sit on a king size air bed.

Materials Used For Making Air Mattresses

That is a pretty good question. It is something that you should know before making a purchase. The materials you choose should be according to your requirements and specifications. If you aren’t careful, you can end up with a material that you will not satisfy your needs. So, mentioned below is a brief list of some of the best materials used in these mattresses:

PVC Or Polyvinyl Chloride

When it comes to inflatable mattresses, a majority of people prefer to go for PVC mattresses. And there is a good reason for that. PVC mattresses are relatively cost-effective. Not to mention, inflatable beds made with PVC are readily available and in different sizes. Moreover, there are a plethora of benefits associated with polyvinyl chloride.

The material is waterproof, which means you will never have any problems cleaning the bed with a wet cloth. On top of that, you can also clean accidental spillage easily. That is primarily because PVC mattresses do not absorb water.

So, you can drink and eat on the bed without any worries. Furthermore, the beds are available at pretty low costs. So if you are on a low budget, it is best you select a polyvinyl chloride mattress.

The material is quite durable, which means you can take your mattress on a camping trip without fretting about damage. And because it is lightweight and portable, you can easily store it anywhere and anytime you want.

However, the only downside to using PVC mattresses is a certain type of smell that it gives off. Now it may not necessarily be bad, but it is a bit annoying. The smell is mainly because of the phthalates in the material. If you’re buying an inflatable mattress for your kid, first consult a doctor. Phthalates are known to exasperate certain medical conditions and can cause allergies.

Good Ol’ Rubber

While rubber isn’t used to manufacture the entire mattresses, the material is used to design the air bladder on the mattress. A lot of manufacturers use rubber to make the quilted top of the mattress.

Rubber pretty much has the same characteristics as PVC. However, it is a lot more durable than polyvinyl chloride. But rubber air mattresses are more expensive, but they are just as comfortable as well.

Urethane Plastic

Urethane plastic or UP is a synthetic material and is similar to polyvinyl chloride in many ways. It is just as durable and versatile and is very simple to maintain. It is waterproof, and you can clean it quite easily. You can take the mattress with you for camping and other outdoor activities. However, urethane plastic is a lot softer compared to PVC.

So, if you’re looking for enhanced comfortability and relaxations, buy a UP air mattress. Moreover, the material is stronger than PVC, so you will not have to worry about easily damaging it. A lot of manufacturers are switching from PVC to urethane plastic to manufacture quality air mattresses nowadays.

Thermos Plastic Urethane

TPU is an immensely durable and top-notch material. It is one of the best materials for air mattresses. The material gives off zero odors and is hypoallergenic. There is no risk of a health complication, unlike PVC.

Thermos plastic urethane is a lot lighter compared to PVC and urethane plastic and is a lot stronger as well. However, it is also quite expensive. TPU air mattresses are the most expensive on the market today.

Textile Reinforcement

Air mattress manufacturers have recently moved to using a new material to revolutionize air mattresses. Textile reinforcement on the quilted top of the mattresses ensures additional padding.

This process makes the mattress firmer, flatter and a lot more comfortable. Plus, textile reinforcement renders the products virtually puncture proof – substantially increasing durability and support. But this method is also a bit more costly.

The Purpose Of An Air Mattress

You may be wondering whether or not there is any real practicality or application to an inflatable mattress. Why should you buy one? That is a good question.

Well, have you ever gone on a camping trip and wished that you had your bed with you after exhausting yourself? Now you can. There are plenty of applications for an air bed. In light of this, mentioned below are some important ones:

Perfect For Outdoor Living And Activities

Perhaps the best thing about an air mattress is the fact it is so durable and comfortable. You can easily inflate it in your backyard and enjoy your weekend BBQ. Or you could set up an outdoor movie theater for the kids and use an air bed to lie down and watch the movie. Inflatable mattresses are pretty convenient.

You can then set up in a matter of minutes and store them just as easily. Plus, if you’re expecting a lot of guests for a party and don’t have enough seating available – why not go for an air bed? They can double as comfortable seating. Just inflate the mattress and voila! Instant seating!


We all know how physically exhausting camping trips can be – especially when you’re out with the family. It is fun sure, but all that preparation, hiking and setting up the camp can be daunting. It is then that you wish you had your bed to sleep on comfortably and uninterrupted.

Well, with an air mattress, you can make that dream come true. Inflatable mattresses are light and portable when deflated, which mean you can easily pack and store them in the trunk of your car. As soon as you reach the camping ground, set up the bed. You can start resting right away and get rid of all exhaustion.

Believe or not, air mattresses have become a huge hit amongst campers and hikers. It is the perfect travel companion. A quality air bed is durable, soft, waterproof and damage proof. Apart from that, there are so many creative ways you can have fun with an air mattress.

For example, while you’re out camping, you can use the inflatable bed to float atop streams or ponds, sleeping on water while gently drifting near the river bank. You can do so much with a product like this.

Additional Bedding

Alright so you’ve invited your friends over for a slumber party, but now you’re confused as to how you would accommodate everybody. Well, an air mattress is an answer. It doesn’t matter how many friends are coming over. A king size inflatable air bed can accommodate 2 to 3 people without compromising on quality.

Just set it up in your room and have some fun. Similarly, if you’re expecting relatives from overseas and whatnot, you don’t have to buy a new bed for them to sleep on while they’re staying at your place. A couple of queen size air beds will do the trick. They are cost-effective, comfortable and simple to use. Prepare a room for your guests, inflate the beds and you are good to go!

Important Air Bed Accessories

There aren’t a lot of accessories that come with your air bed. However, there are some that you must have to use the bed without any complications.

Built-In Air Pump

The name of the components is quite self-explanatory. You can opt for manual air pumps, but that would require a bit more time. Not to mention, you will have to inflate the bed manually each time you want to use it. And this can get boring. So, why not opt for an air mattress that comes with a built-in air pump.

Top notch air beds come with built-in pumps for quick and easy inflation. They feature a simple mechanism. All you have to do is press a button to activate automatic inflation. Now there are air beds that come with a different mechanism to control the level of air you want inside the bed. It is important that you read the manual before doing anything else. Moreover, you will have to press the button to deflate the bed as well.

Apart from that, if it is an automatic system, check to see if it includes wires or if it uses batteries. If it is wired then you don’t have to worry about anything.

However, if the pump is battery powered, you may have to change the batteries every once or twice a couple of months depending on how frequently you use the product. For detailed information, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

Mattress Topper

Although you may not get a mattress topper with your product, it is a good idea to get one separately. Mattress toppers act as an additional layer of soft and comfortable bedding that can accentuate your experience sleeping on an air mattress.

There are plenty of materials available to you. However, memory foam remains as one of the most popular choices. Toppers are necessary for people are suffering from chronic or acute back and neck pain. The foam will help keep you back straight and your neck flexible and in just the right position.

Maintaining Your Air Mattress

All types of air mattresses will lose air during the night. There is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening. No matter what material it is made from or how durable it is. Shifting, the elevation of the bed and your weight play a key role in the amount of air lost overnight. However, there are a few changes you can make in the environment to prevent a lot of air from leaking out during the night.

Keeping the area nice and cozy will help cut back on the volume of air that the mattress loses. Moreover, lying flat on your tummy or your back can also help slow down the air leak process. Constantly shifting your weight on the mattress will only make matters worse.

The more force and pressure you expel on the mattress, the faster all that air is going escape from the mattress. The elevation is another factor that plays an important role in preventing air-loss in the mattress. Try putting your mattress on the top floor of your house, where all the hot air is. This feature will significantly help slow down the air-leak process.

Keep The Air Nozzle Closed

This feature is something simple, yet many people forget to close the nozzle after filling the air inside the mattress. Leaving it open after inflating the mattress will allow the air to escape much more quickly. You will be sleeping on the ground come next morning.

Even leaving it partially open will do the same thing. So, after inflating the mattress, ensure you shut the nozzle properly. If it comes loose, stick some tape on it.

Fold Your Air Mattress With Care

Being rash when packing the mattress will damage the product faster – generating tiny, undetectable holes. With small holes in your inflatable mattress, the air won’t even last a couple of hours.

Cleaning The Mattress

If you have a waterproof air bed, cleaning it will not be a challenging task. Just use properly wrung or damp cloth to clean all the dirt and lint off of the mattress. In case the inflatable mattress isn’t waterproof, use a dry cloth to do the job.

Some Overall Benefits Of Using A Quality Air Mattress

When it comes to sleeping on an air mattress, there a couple of nifty health advantages you can enjoy.

Ideal For People With Back And Neck Complications

Lower back and neck pain can be immensely annoying and can rob you of your sleep. And not getting enough sleep is going to ruin the next day for you. Conventional beds aren’t that flat or accommodating for people with back and neck troubles.

This reason is why doctors recommend that patients lie flat on the ground to keep their back and neck straight, which helps align the bones in your spine and neck, alleviating pain.

However, sleeping on the ground, over a thick bed sheet isn’t exactly comfortable. You will have to get used to the feeling, which can take weeks. Why put yourself through all that trauma when you can get an air mattress? Inflatable mattresses are designed to be perfectly flat, firm and highly comfortable.

The quilted top of these mattresses serves as an additional layer, and it will feel as if you are sleeping on air. You can keep your back and neck straight while laying flat on the mattress, sleeping comfortably.

A Good Form Of Exercise

This benefit holds true for air mattresses that come with a manual air pumping system. These mattresses are cost-effective, but require you to pump air manually using your feet each time you want to use the product. However, you can turn the activity into an exercise. Pump air into the mattress using your both your feet alternatively for a decent workout.

Inflatable Beds Are Odor Free

As a majority of manufacturers use urethane plastic to design air mattresses, you will never have to worry about that damp odor coming from your bed.

Comfortably Share The Bed With Your Partner

This benefit is the most important. The fact that these mattresses feature one-side-adjustability features, you can set the right weight, air level and firmness on one side of the bed. So, it doesn’t matter if your spouse has a back ache, he will be able to sleep in the same bed as you, comfortably and without any pain.

No Sagging

Sleeping in the same bed for years can cause a crater to form in a normal mattress. When this happens, it is usually time to shop for a new one. However, why waste money every couple of years when you can buy an air mattress. These products are designed never to sag – thanks to strong materials. They are firm, durable and softer than anything you ever use.

Bottom Line

As with everything, nothing can be more important than to select the best air mattress. You have to look for something that matches your requirements. All in all, this comprehensive guide aims to help you shop for quality products.